Unique Device Identification and Identifier: What They Are and Its Usefulness

10 Oct

Are you aware of what unique device identifiers and identification are? Do you know its importance? How crucial they are to consumers and to companies? If you are interested to learn more about these things, then you are advised to continue perusing this article.

What Unique Device Identification System Is?

When we talk of unique device identification system, also known as UDI, we refer to the mandatory system created by the regulator the Food and Drug Administration to identify the medical devices manufactured in the U.S. In this particular initiative, the FDA required all medical devices manufacturer to put unique labels on the medical devices they produced for identification purposes. These labels contain not just the serial numbers of products but also date manufactured, batch numbers, and manufacturers. According to the FDA, it imposed this particular initiative to identify problematic devices and to correct these issues faster. Once fully implemented, companies can easy monitor various medical devices and they can manage product recalls better.

How Healthcare Providers, Patients, Government, and Industries?

This initiative is beneficial to companies, patients, and the government because of the ability to easily monitor and track medical devices sold in the market. The UDI is the newly implemented regulation, after the proposed renewal of its Medical Device User Fee Modernization Act, pushed by the U.S. Congress. The UDI also make it easier for manufacturers to easily recall defective products and to improve the safety of patients. However, implementing UDI system isn’t that easy. If you are among the numerous medical devices manufacturers and producers out there that encountered challenges and issues in implementing UDI, then it is advised that you hire trusted UDI system service providers. To give you some tips on how to locate one, you can follow the guidelines mentioned underneath.

How to Locate Reputable, Licensed, and Legitimate UDI System Service Providers?

Before you start implementing UDI system, it is advised that you find first the right UDI system to hire. Yes, there are myriad service providers in the market but not all of them offer similar quality of products and services.

Be sure to ask your colleagues, industry partners, and friends who had experience in hiring experienced, accredited, and licensed UDI system service providers. They are the best sources of these service providers and their testimonies can help you in find the right service providers.

Follow the guidelines above to find the right UDI service providers.

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